Elise with hero skis
International Grand Prix
I got given the opportunity to race on the 15&16th of November in Langraaf, Holland.
It was a great opportunity as it was the first ever international race that I had competed in. The race was a Grand Prix international indoor ski nations competition and I was so excited to race, as I hadn’t in a couple of months. I have been to Landgraaf a couple of times before and I’ve always really enjoyed it. We trained the day before the races started and I was working on moving quickly through the gates and staying on my outside ski and not falling inside. By the end of the sessions I felt like I had improved as I was standing stronger on my outside ski. When I raced I tried to stay positive and not feel negative about the races, as it was going to be a step up from how I have competed before. On both days I came 1st in u16s and 3rd overall girl. I was not expecting to even podium, so when I did I was really proud of myself.

I went to Pitztal for 2 weeks in October, it was a very productive camp and I really learnt a lot about myself and how I deal with certain things. I was really looking forward to the camp because I got to try out my new longer, stiffer GS and slalom skis. I got used to my skis quite quickly and it’s nice that I have changed make of skis to Rossignol, now as I had been on Fischer for quite a long ¬†time. Throughout the camp I was trying to put my free skiing, in the course as I didn’t feel and ski as confidently in the gates. After each day of skiing we done different sports activities like yoga, sprints, weights and tabatas. On one of the last afternoons of the camp Caterina and I decided to climb one of the mountain faces surrounding us. This was a stupid idea, but luckily we didn’t get hurt and It was a great experience, because we climbed on our own hands and knees. The camp overall was a really big stepping stone for me, as I learnt a lot about myself and I feel like I improved my skiing, as by the end of the week I skied a lot more confidently in the gates.