May Half Term

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I was really excited for May half term because I knew I had a Rossignol, Team Evolution camp to go to, the thing was it was only three days. In the end I spent five days with the team.

On the first day at the Hemel camp we got into our groups and I was put with ski cross champion Ed Drake, who is also an ex Olympian. I was excited to get my kit on and get training, but we went outside to do warm ups and games to start off with. When we eventually started skiing I was working on trying to get my hips forward and be more forward onto my skis, so I could turn quicker. I was still working on this on day two, as I found it very hard to pick up. After lunch we went back outside into the park to do some fitness and games. The fitness turned into us rolling around on the muddy grass doing co ordination exercises. We then had a meeting with an elite Olympic physio, who explained the main sports injuries and how to prevent yourself from getting them. This was very useful because I now know what I need to work on fitness based and how to help prevent injury in more detail.

Day 3, race day. Although it’s just a fun race to end he camp on, everyone got very competitive. In the end I came 3rd overall and 3rd in my age group. We done individual races and then team races. The team races were very funny and again competitive. I was quite sad when I realised the camp was going to end, but then I got invited to go rock climbing and mountain biking with the team.

I had done rock climbing before so I knew what to do, although I still wasn’t amazing at it. Then we went mountain biking on Friday which was a little bit of a disaster. I wouldn’t of really called it mountain biking, more walking your bike. The woods was very wet and slippery and it was either steep downhill or steep uphill, and barely any flat sections. Even though we didn’t get to ride much it was still a very good day.

I thought my half term wasn’t going to be very good as I only had plans for 3 days and I ended up being busy every single day, I’m kind of glad I’m back at school, as I’m getting a rest now.