Running up to the summer races

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The summer races are starting soon, so I have been working hard at training. I have done Friday sessions at welwyn and Mondays at Hemel. Due to me being off school I decided to do 4 hours of training at Hemel on the Monday just gone. It was really beneficial, as in the first 2 hours we worked on getting the correct technique and in the last 2 hours we bashed through the gates in a really good technical course. I tried to ski the course using what I had learnt in the first session. Everything seems to be coming together now, which is good because I have my first race in Langraaf holland in a few weeks. I’m really looking forward to going to Langraaf, because I have been there before and really enjoyed it.

I’m also going to be in the newspaper again soon about being a sports ambassador for my town. I’m really excited about this because it’s such a great opportunity to be apart of something so big. The event is quickly approaching and I’m soon going to Applecroft School to do an assembly on the womens tour and how Im going to be apart of it. I chose Applecroft because it was the primary school I went to, so hopefully it will inspire those children to take part in sport.