Team evolution camp in March

gs relteraim
Due to my award Paul Telling manager of Team Evolution ski, asked me to join them on a training camp at their base in Radstadt, Austria. I went a long (there was no way I was going to say no) and I learnt so much, had a great time and came home very sad. While I was away we skied more Gs than slalom. We only had one slalom day, I was kind of glad because I was really enjoying Gs. On our first day we free skied Gs and we skied over to the World Cup slope in schladming. It was a great experience to see the actual World Cup slope. The next day we then skied Gs, but working on our technique. So for me it was to practise separation on the skis. The day after that we got into the Gs gates. I was working on pushing my hands forward to help to be more centred and further forward using more of the front of the ski, which then allowed me to carve a tighter turn. By me pushing my outside hand down I  was able to separate, helping me put more force on the outside ski. 

We then done a day of slalom where I tried to ski aggressively, to try and get down the course as fast as I could. Due to us having to pull the course at 11, we decided to go snowboarding. We started off on the mini slope and after an hour of teaching myself I decided to go up on the chair lift with a group who could snowboard properly. I could make a few good turns but my skills weren’t good enough for a black run. At the time I didn’t think about it and kept going. We went up another chair lift which took us even higher and I fell a few times on the flat. I decided to sledge down on my bum to the gondola and miss out the black run. 

The last day of the week was rainy, windy and snowy. We went to the freestyle park and went over the boxes and jumps. We came home early that day and decided to go to the gym. We lifted weights in the gym, which I had never done before, so it was a good experience.

Overall my week was great and I really didn’t want to come home.