Team Evolution

I’m now apart of Team Evolution and I’m extremely excited to be doing a season with them.
In August I went on a sports and tech camp in Tignes. Tignes is definitely one of the most liveliest ski camps I’ve ever been on. This is because off the slope there is so many activities you cang involved with. We went: paddle boarding, riffle shouting and played basketball, badminton, volleyball and football.
The great thing about Tignes was the snow wasn’t too bad so we were able to do technical skiing and drills everyday and then a couple of days of brushes and stubbies. It was great to be back on the Gs skis seems as I hadn’t bee no n them in a long time. I was working on putting pressure on the front of the outside ski, which I felt I had improved on by the end of the week.

I then went to hintertux for a week with the u14s, it’s always better to be skiing than not, so I decided to go out with the u14s. This camp was not very successful skiing wise because the conditions on the snow weren’t that great. It snowed nearly everyday and we only had one nice day. However the camp was still very beneficial, because we done a lot of fitness after skiing, which helped to strengthen my muscles.

I raced in Manchester at the beginning of September, I had never been to Machester before then and I really enjoyed it. I came 2nd in the Anglo Wesh Championships and 3rd in the British. The slope was a lot like Hemel, although I hadn’t been to Hemel in a few weeks, so it was weird to get back onto the artificial snow. I had also not trained gates in a long time, so it was strange skiing through gates again, as I have been working on the technical side of skiing. After the days of racing we went shopping in the Trafford centre, which was very funny, due to seeing lots of ski racers walking around doing the same thing as me.

During the summer I had an interview to try and get onto the Herts Talented Athletes Programme, this was very successful as I managed to get onto the programme. I’m very greatful to be apart of the programme, because it is going to help me a lot over the next year. Out of the programme I get access: to a gym, strength and conditioning, physio and workshops. I have done a few sessions already this past week and I’m already really enjoying it. There’s 20 athletes on the programme and it’s really great to see how well other people are doing in their sports.